BioNature Cocktail Organic Plant Stimulant


BioNature recommends the use of BioNature Cocktail for optimal results. The BioNature Cocktail is the combined mixture of our 3 Organic Plant Stimulants namely, BioNature Wood Vinegar, BioNature SW++ and BioNature BM10.


The use of BioNature Cocktail may Help:

  • Increase Palay Yield by more than 50%
  • Revive Dying, Infected, Yellowing Plants
  • Extend Life Span and Freshness of Vegetables
  • Improve Soil Condition


Component 1: BioNature Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar is an organic substance that is well known in countries like Japan for its many benefivial uses in agriculture.


  • Serves as Natural Repellants of Pests and Diseases
  • Contains Nature Plant Growth Hormones


Component 2: BioNature SW++

SW++ is a special formulation of seaweed extract specially obtained to maximize its beneficial properties


  • Contains Natural Plant Growth Hormones
  • Includes Beneficial Microbes & Special Micronutrients
  • Helps Strengthens Stems & Improve Over All Plant Heath


Component 3: BioNature BM10

BM10 is composed of special types of beneficial microbes that produces a Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria effect. It solubilizes nutrients that normally cannot be absorbed by plants.


  • Enhances Plant's Nutrient Absorption
  • Saves Fertilizer Usage up to 50%
  • Conditions & Improves Soil Moisture


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BioNature Cocktail Complete Set

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  • BioNature Cocktail


    1. 1. Shake containers well before use.
    2. 2. Measure the recommended amount of the BioNature Components needed for your solution (Components: BioNature Wood Vinegar, BioNature SW++, BioNature BM10)
      • A typical mixture of BioNature Cocktail is composed of 0.000032% of each component in water (32 ppm) or constitutes to approximately:
        • 600 ml of each component for 200 Liters of Water (1 Drum)
        • 50 ml of each component for 16 Liters of Water (1 Backpack Sprayer)
        • 3.2 ml of each component for 1 Liter of Water
    3. Spray your solution. Make sure that you are aware of the the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) prior to spraying. See Spraying Frequency Tab for suggested spraying frequency.