Observations on Rice Fields

After spraying the BioNature a week after transplanting, they noticed that the leaves become greener and the soil became softer a day or two after spraying.


Rice bugs, kuhol (apple snails), and signs of rat presence gradually disappeared. Flowering appeared to start earlier and the harvest was earlier by one (1) to three (3) weeks.


It yielded an increase of 50% to 100% of rice paddy especially on those soil that were sick compacted and acidic before planting. Using the cocktail resulted to saving up to 50% less of synthetic fertilizer and gives growers the opportunity to be purely organic in growing rice by using animal manure.


There were two (2) instances that a rice farm was heavily infested with tungro. The farmers were totally hopeless to recover their investments of fertilizers and labor cost. After spraying the BioNature Cocktail, they were able to recover their investments and the harvested rice paddy had an average of 45kg heavier than usual weight of 40 to 42kg per sack of rice paddy. When milled they were able to recover 32Kg of rice, which before could only yield maximum of 27 to 28Kg per sack of rice paddy.

Observations on Vegetables

Used as foliar spray and sprayed to soil to soften and avoid compaction of the soil. This also helps make the soil become more resistant to drought.


dying and yellowing young plants that were supposed to be uprooted already were revived and bore a lot of fruits. Egg plants that were infested with stem borer, were revived and produce bigger and more fruits after spraying with the BioNature Cocktail.

String Beans

after spraying, they have to harvest every day otherwise it will become over ripe for market. Upon testing, the string beans were actually NOT over ripe, but appeared to be due to its bigger size but it is still succulent to eat. Because of customer’s suspect of over ripening due to its bigger size, they have to harvest every day to produce the string beans in its regular size.

French Beans

produced bigger beans, increased harvest - more than double triple than normal yield, and extended the fruiting periods.

Pechay & Bok Choy

earlier harvest, bigger size and more succulent.

Hot Chili

continuously produced flowers and bore bigger fruits.


Catleya and other types of orchids that has not been flowering, once sprayed began to bloom after one to 3 weeks of spray.

Observations on Fruit Trees

Used as foliar spray, included spraying the trunk for trees that bear fruit on the trunk.



bloomed more flowers even out of season one to two weeks after spraying. Fruits set more than the normal quantity that the branches cannot hold on to it and the fruits set have to be pruned.



begins to flower earlier and makes the tree healthier

Crate of Fresh Fruit


flowers bloom after spraying. For smaller plants, do NOT over spray. Over-spraying may cause them to dry out if it over blooms, once budding begins, stop spraying.



(Sour Sop) increase produce of fruits.


no appreciable result was noticed but some began to produce lots of new leaves.


grows bigger (especially during colder seasons), more weight (when not sprayed, 1kg is equivalent to 12-13 plants; when sprayed, 1kg takes only 7 plants), longer storage – produce do not wilt right away. During the hot season when it is difficult to grow lettuce, spraying will help grow the lettuce but on a slower pace. 


matured or dying tomato produced new shoots and bore fruits again when sprayed. Spraying new plants hasten earlier flowering.

Upo (Gourd)

matured or dying produced new shorts and extend their fruiting season and bore bigger fruits when sprayed.


hasten flowering on new plant and extend productive season.